Castlevania is not only one of my favorite NES games but one of the best 2D side scrollers on the system.

User Rating: 9 | Akumajou Dracula NES
I am going to do this review a little different from my modern game reviews because games were much more different back then they are now.So I will do a more formal review. Castlevania is a 2D side scroller with basic mechanics that work very well. Back in the day of the NES times some games were beyond broken with their extreme difficulties like no continues or passwords, but castlevania is hard but not broken hard. The gameplay is simple; you go left to right kill or avoid enemies,evade hazards and make to the end of the level. At the end of each level you will fight a boss that is a classic monster from those old horror movies you might have watched such as: the Frankenstein Monster,Mummies,and of Course the Lord of all vampires Dracula. I will warn you though that this game is very hard. For example when your character Simon gets hit he falls back, and this is especially bad when there is a hazard behind you such as a row of spikes or water. Also there are so very annoying enemies (those of you who have played this game know what I am talking about). The bosses are not slump either, while they start off easy, they soon get very hard. But all in all if you want to get some old school fun,and listen to some great music, then look no further