Come and see how it all began.

User Rating: 6.6 | Classic NES Series: Castlevania GBA
Come and see how it all began and play as Simon Belmont armed with a whip on a quest to kill Dracula.

Story is very familiar to anyone who has ever played a Castlevania game. You are Simon Belmont, whose clan has made a promise to hunt down Dracula and all of his minions. You start by entering Dracula’s castle and make your way all the way through to meet the master himself.

Graphics are not aged all that well and a very bland color palette makes this even worse: Dracula’s castle is mostly red. Music and sound effects are not that good either, but the seeds for future’s musical masterpieces can still be heard.

Gameplay is simple and unforgiving making this first Castlevania a hard game. You move from left to right fighting monsters, occasionally collecting items and more powerful whips on your way. Unfortunately this aspect is not nearly as refined as it would be in later Castlevania games and your sense of reward must be accomplished by just navigating through these linear levels.

If you are a big fan of Konami’s lengthy series or you just want to know how it all started, the go and check this game out.