This was the wrong game at the right time. It's good, but there was better.

User Rating: 5.2 | Classic NES Series: Castlevania GBA
Oh hey, another Classic NES Series, this time it's Castlevania.

.....The original Castlevania? This is both good and bad. The good is that you're holding an artifact right now....the bad....why isn't it Castlevania III?

This is the original Castlevania. And the story, if you're a Belmot, won't change. Dracula is wreaking havoc on your village and Simon must stop him, because he has a whip, and he whips him good.

Now then, this being the oldest of any CV game, it won't look good. But that's what all NES games suffer from. But this is pretty appealing, not ball-busting beautiful, NES wise. But decent, not CV3.

Also, we're talking about the original Castlevania, which wasn't really that good. It had those songs that keep on getting remixed, but CV and NES don't make it sound awesome.

Seriously, this is fans only. If you still remember this game being called Vampire Killer, step back to enjoy....6, stages, of fun? Yeah, it comes up the shortest of any CV game. And the stages aren't even that much difficult. And I mean not difficult as in with practice, Dracula's dead in no time. Which begs the question, why this game? Why not CV3? Heck, why not even CV2?

Poor decision Nintendo, poor decision.