Old School NES castlevania - now portable!

User Rating: 7.5 | Classic NES Series: Castlevania GBA
Well, by now everyone has either played this game or at least heard of it. The original Castlevania game previously only available on the NES system now comes to the GBA. But does it still have the ability to keep up with todays modern games? Lets see.

Nintendo did a great job bringing the EXACT game to the GBA. The graphics and gameplay are exactly the same as the NES version which gives it the old school flair. I dont happen to mind the 8-bit graphics on a castlevania game because it makes the castle and backgrounds look creepy and dark, which is how the castle should look.

You are Simon Belmont and your goal of course is to find and destroy Dracula. But on your linear way through the castle you fight several of Draculas minions. All the favorite Bosses are there: Giant Bat, Mummies, Frankinstein with Flea Man, Medusa and of course Death. The game is still kinda hard even after all these years but thats mostly because the control and gameplay isnt up to 2006 standards.

The greatest feature is that you can now save the game! The NES version had no save or password option so you have to go through the whole game in one sitting. A huge bonus! This is a great game for anyone who never played the original before and for old school gamers who feel nostalgic.