My 1st impressions after beating Castlevania. The first Castlevania is still the best and hardest Castlevania.

User Rating: 10 | Classic NES Series: Castlevania GBA
Castlevania is a wonderful game, but man is it challenging. The last boss alone took me about as much as the rest of the game to beat. We're talking like 5 hours ongoing, all just for one boss. Castlevania just demands so much from the player that it can often be overwhelming. I literally started playing around February during this challenge, but once I got to the final boss I just couldn't do it. 2 forms, only getting a chance to get hit 3 times, it was intense! But when Halloween drew near I knew I had to get back on the trolley. So during Halloween I spent several hours trying to beat Dracula. I still couldn't, struck with defeat I decided to turn in for tomorrow, and try again later. And well during school I decided, after a friend stated "it was easy" that I had to beat it then and there. Focused, I finally won the battle, but as for myself I was still feeling adrenaline rushing through my body, and my hands shaking. To say the least, Castlevania gave me a challenge of a life time, and for that I thank it.

See Castlevania has this wonderful system of challenging you throughout the whole game. It never really stops testing you, and you always have to be on your toes and sharp as a whip. The fact the game bases everything on the direction you're going through is amazing, and really something more developers should focus on. It's just one of those games that give out tough love, it's not trying to sugarcoat anything for you, and that's what makes it so fun. I tried as hard as I could, but when I failed the game simply said try again. Sure I was mad, but it still gives you the tools to get things done in the end. The way to the reaper, and the way to Dracula are paved with everything you need to take them down, so even if you die, you still have the tools available to you. So you still have to earn everything you do, but you fill so much more enjoyment when you actually beat it. For this reason, I say the first Castlevania game is the best I have ever played. It's not just the monster lore, the catchy music or the visuals, but the game design itself. It's rewarding, challenging, and that's what makes it fun.

Castlevania has everything going for it, and you can see the love the designers put into it. The visuals, music, enemies, power-ups, everything about it is just top notch. But what truly makes this game shine is the challenge it provides, it's never too difficult to get past, but just enough to always keep you on edge.