It made me dislike the Game a bit.

User Rating: 7 | Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Resurrection PS3
I had a bad feeling when purchasing the DLC of Castlevania when i read that it was a mission from Camilla's daughter that spared Gabriel in the original game. Well... The whole Chapter is a bit of a long boss fight you could say. The fight itself is a bit fun but the reason and motivation leading to it is pretty bland. It sort of doesn't make sense and messes up what could have been a brilliant reason as to what happens to Gabriel at the end of lords of Shadow, but just.. it's just..... maybe after you beat the original game you talked with your friends about how that happened to him.. the speculations and everything. Trust me, the dumbest speculation as to how he turns into a *Spoiler alert* Vampire that anyone could have come up with beats this one.

Bottom Line : You're not missing anything if you don't buy it. In fact there's hardly any dialogue.

The good thing is that it still maintains Castlevanias beautiful environment, challenge, and fights. But because this is story driven it's disappointing. So my advice if you buy it is to enjoy the fight and just ignore that this is part of the story... because frankly it shouldn't be.