ITS worth it

User Rating: 9.5 | Castlevania: Lords of Shadow X360
GREAT GAME longer than fable 3 and star wars force unleashed 2 lots of action great graphics close to original games who the 2d this one will not disappoint we need a sequel it is comparable to god of war id get the another if the released a sequel some puzzles take time to figure it out but all together dope no real advertisement to game no big backing to the game with all the big first person shooters dropping this game gets a 9.5 by me story action graphics staying true to castlevaina some games dont do that look at bionic commando game or what ever i didnt waste my money on that crap but on this it is money well spent buying moves and just collecting the scrolls gives you a side story of your fallen brothers it sucks you into the game they could be hints to puzzles or telling you what works best with enemies or whats up coming ahead there are a good mount of combos to buy moves the tools they give u come in handy you magic both light and dark is cool one will help defeat foes and help puzzles and light as you preform combos your health refills it comes in handy to always be stocked up on this one