well mostly the derivative of GOW ,as you know!

User Rating: 7.5 | Castlevania: Lords of Shadow X360
you know since this game is like a new comeback game of the older versions,i never thought it would have this good of a story.
well as you might know kojima has had a hand in this game and if you play it you would understand why i have mentioned this fact in the review.
the game has a unique storyline and one great twist at the very end,that was just amazing.
well there are downsides to this game too,it has been said that this game has copied other games on this genre.
well to be honest with you guys,this genre has been created by SONY only for god of war.but we see all these companies trying to actually compete with the Original God of War.the thing that bothers me when i see games such as castlevania and darksiders is that, its the exact thing that we see on the GOW games,companies need to be creative dont you think?
to tell you the truth,castlevania lord of shadows and also the darksiders are both a derivative of the Sony's god of war,and thats all that matters,you will see similarity in between these games a lot if you play them all,and you cant do anything about it,so this is actually a large thumbs down for both castlevania and darksiders.
second point i wanted to say about castlevania is that i think,very little games these days comeout on double DVDs,i think the last one i saw on xbox360 was the forza3,so what this means is that this game has got story to tell.
this game is one of the greatest comebacks a game has had, i think.if i should say, the main character is called gabriel.
lets get more into the gaming atmosphere.
you see the graphics in this game is definitely good,a lot of colors different landscapes,different atmospheres and also different ways to go in each level.
again we see similarity in upgrading system in the game,could have had a different upgrading system,im not talking about the graphics of the upgrade, i mean altogether could have had a different ways to get the points for upgrades and so on.there are a lot of upgrades ready and some you have to earn.
puzzles can get really difficult and useless basically,some are simple though ,and only a few puzzles are worth being solved in here.such as the one in necromancies realm.
another game play issue i have to mention is that after a few combos or in between some you will get a little slowmotion just like the one in GOW.
combos are really heavy to perform,even the simple ones just normal pressing of the buttons is way too heavy to do.
some bits in the game seems to be really out of no where and doesnt belong in this game at all.
a few times in the story you will see that the only way to pass a certain level is to use your upgrades,one specific upgrade to pass a level.and that can get frustrating if you dont know your upgrades very well.
the best thing i can mention in castlevania LOS is the story and the great twist in the end thats all.
i think if you want to buy it,you should rent it,and is, worth playing,since there is definitely a sequel to this game.
thanks for reading -M3ran-