User Rating: 8.5 | Castlevania: Lords of Shadow X360
Old Castlevania games are an Icon for third person action adventure games ,and a lot of games including God of War barrowed a lot from it,so when people say it has a lot in common with God of War they say it wrong castlevania LoS has a lot common with it older versions ,Caslevania LoS is an experience worth taking , castlevania visuals are breathtaking ,with a great game play mechanics and SOOOOOOOOPER DOOOOOOOPER Story and man what an epilogue kojima has kept for those who complete the game,i cannot stop thinking how great will be the next castlevania game,castlevania LoS has great boss fights ,fighting giant titans was fun, and man the visuals are epic,some people complained about the fixed camera problem(you dont have the liberty to rotate camera ) ,i think it as a plus point it adds to the story telling experience ,it adds to the epicness of enviornment,why i did not give it 10 ,answer is its some very lame pain in the a** puzzules ,castlvania takes around 16 to 20 hours to beat on normal difficulty,IT IS A MUST BUY FOR ALL action adventure fans and for those who love story driven games