It's not the traditional style "castlevania" more Dante's inferno

User Rating: 6.5 | Castlevania: Lords of Shadow X360
Castlevania lords of shadows is one of those games that "come and go" once with in our life time. it's mythological not based on what castlevania really is, it has similarity's to "dante's inferno" just minus the hell and add vampires. while the story is a bit messy it starts of just like any other story revolving around a loved one the narrator Patrick Stewart=star trek tells a story about a man who seeks for what he lost and in pursuit of what he must do too come across things that kratos=god of war would come to do! but this tale is more personal more desperate a struggle between a guy who will do anything to obtain what he lost, the notion of love how it was explained in this game is sad what a man would do but very wise words are derived from this game that you could take on with you from rest of your life.

Graphics: are very crisp and polished you really feel the emotion the passion the detail that this game has its really nicely rendered especially for consoles.

Sound quality: absorbing from when a howl in the distance comes in to play and when you feel a gush of intensity when fighting a boss it feels natural as if it was your own ears that were in the game=natural

Game play: the dynamics of the game is heavy on dante's inferno it may be wrong to say it feels and plays the same as dante's inferno and god of war, but it has it's own style that separates it from the other two just slightly but not far enough, control scheme is same as dante's inferno the leveling up systems same as dantes inferno, obtaining healths the same as dante's inferno pretty much the same as dantes inferno. this isn't a bad thing how ever it has no real way apart from the story too really be a unique game.

Intensity: this game is very hard wrong move and it's game over this is due to poor camera angle, it limits your perception and peripheral view on the environment. so you have stronger chance of being frustrated, i cannot say if this was intentional but to capitulate the games story in cinematic way they had to control the camera, since successful games like "dantes inferno" and "god of war" it was appropriate to follow paths with out breaking trend but i think they risked the game as it's a really good game just not good enough especially when this is not the castlevania i once knew. it's like making final fantasy 13 over final fantasy 8.


Pros:enjoyable to any one, easy to play, engaging, and highly detailed

Cons:poor control scheme, poor camera angles, and story that feels distant and not natural, and hard is really hard it goes to question is it really worth finishing

Overall: if you like adventure fast paced action while tailoring to the boredom in you then rent buy it, but not for the cost it's at wait till price drops
Or if you're hardcore player that strives through anything with fury of swords then try this at your own caution.