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User Rating: 8 | Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Ultimate Edition PC

Castlevania follow the work of the era , but confined to less experienced production team , does not have the qualifications and Ares destabilize . On the technical strength of the performance as unsatisfactory , the perspective is fixed immutable lose on the first burst , coupled with the lack of production capacity and experience , fixed angle perspective inevitably lead to occasional card . Performing crucial battle action game , although the effect is quite gorgeous for fighting , but unfortunately moves set imbalance , most of the fighting only need to duplicate keys and escape , players have no incentive to fight performances. To see both sides of the game screen , one side is the technical strength is low, one side is the art of ghost ax . The characters are a bit thin on the game , not enough distinctive personality . Although the game is still in shape from the frontline work of a gap, but after all, escorting the island group in the Manner looks just like a line of works , game music is very good, real-time calculation sheet is almost done with CG broadcast seamlessly switch , also praised the script , island -style wood there ; games archive point settings abnormal reasonable ; checkpoints, all very good puzzle design reflects the intentions of the production team .