different, but a bit disappointing

User Rating: 5 | Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Ultimate Edition PC

im a castlevania fan for a very long time, but i hate the DLC so much, a lot of painful and boring retries. The game itself feels like Devil May Cry's Castlevania version. They should figure out a way to make a true 3D version of Castlevania, instead of blending a lot of Prince of persia , DMC, God of War and stuffs. This is not castlevania , but the one in disguise.

I miss the old Castlevania, one thing for instance, you hold a crystal ball and kneel down in front of a lake and the water sinks.

I do like the new graphics/concept arts. Altho it's very different from the original ones. But I still prefer the old ones, the world and everything...

good try! but lost the real castlevania feel.