The trailer of the sequel just didnt do it for me :(

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Yes, i know we got to see a new character but what happened with the LOS1 ending?

aren't we supposed to be in the future with cars and technology? whats with going back to a medieval setting?

if the whole sequel is like the trailer, then i don't see how that justifies the awesome ending of the first game.


other than that, i hope mercury steam makes a better all round game and one that is actually more varied.


there is no reason why a game like Los had just one weapon. there was potential for more weapons, and just having a whip got repetitive and stale.  think back to aria of sorrow and other old castlevania games. those games didn't get repetitive because you had an arsenal of weapons to choose from and use in the game.



what did everyone think of the trailer setting, and what do you hope is added to the sequel?

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Baby want a bottle? Stop crying, its Castlevania and your a Belmont, the whip is a necesity. Aria of Sorrow, Soma Cruz...not a Belmont.

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Gabriel uses a Sword as well. I simply DON'T want LoS2 to be in the future.
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I thought the trailer for LOS2 looked amazing. Have the ps4 pre-odered for end of November but will certainly be getting this on ps3!

Really enjoyed the first part and i think this one will be even more epic. Espeically if the action is as good looking as portrayed in the trailers.

As for the whip being the main weapon....well it is Castlevania, and the whip is part of that series of games. I like the fact too that as Dracula you get your own demonic version of the whip/cross weapon.