I want SotN 2

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Because SotN was one of the best Castlevania games ever made.

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You should be glad they did released the first Castlevania game ever for PC. But instead you stupid fanboys who waste your entire life fapping for a 2D white haired Japanese character do nothing but bash the reboot which is very good. I have no respect for gamers like you, and you shouldn't ever call yourselves of "Castlevania Fans". Go away. Keep replaying over and over the 20 years of repeated side scrolling metrodvania because i'm done with it already. Time to see Vlad Tepes kicking some major ass in LoS 1 & 2.
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You seem to be quite narrow minded. He didn't imply that he hates the Lords Of Shadow saga. You are making yourself look like ignorant fanboy.

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and you seem offended by my previous post, oh the irony. If you did read it properly i did said i played almost every game of this franchise and you retarded animal are calling me a LoS fanboy i suppose?. Engulf your hypocrite shit and your Alucard fetish get out of my sight : )