QTEs prevented my purchase

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Yeah, not a very exciting topic, but quick time events being too often in this game caused me not to purchase this title. I encourage others who hate QTEs to also boycott this and similar titles (RE6 *cough*). QTEs are easily one of the worst things to have happened to gaming since... well ever. I can't think of a comparison.

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I still don't understand what people are complaining about with QTEs being "way too frequent" in RE 6. Is it the counter-attacks people are talking about? Or did everyone just play the prologue and no other part of the game? Seriously, it feels just like RE 5 but better in terms of gameplay.

Sorry for not being related to CV at all.

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I'm sorry you think that way. Personally, I had a BALL with the QTE's in such games as Resident Evil 4 (Laser Room INSTANTLY comes to mind), Kingdom Hearts II (the last portion of the Xemnas battle, with all the lasers), Metal Gear Solid 4 (the microwave scene and the grabs in the final battle), Metroid: Other M (Yes, I had FUN with that game whenever something popped out at you from out of nowhere and you had to get it off). However, I DO say that too many games execute them poorly. Good QTE's are like diamonds in the rough, imo.