Loved the demo :D

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Looking forward to play the whole game, looks like it will be on the online shop to, and thats good.

I think the setting and the general feeling of the demo was great, controlls was good and the boss fight was fun.

Ive heard a few complaining on the frame rate and I cannot see what they are talking about.

Im usually very picky with such problems but I cannot see any stuttering in the framerates at all.

Alot of good games comming to the 3ds now it seams.

Castlevania and Monster Hunter is what Im looking forward to play in the near future.

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I too am very excited and happy with the fact that many great 3DS games are out now and soon to be released. 

The MH3 & Castlevania demos were both great, I really like the graphics and the action in both! However, the textures in Castlevania were sometimes very bland and looked terrible :\

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I was unhappy with how loose the combat mechanics were in the demo, hopefully things are tighter in the actual release.

That aside, I was happy to see how this 2.5D action game maintained the platforming awesomeness from the older castlevania titles. :) 

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mediocre at best...hope the whole game is worth it.