LoS 2 Seems more challenging

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Or maybe it is just me but I don't feel as though I had combat issues with the first game. However I find myself getting hit much more in LoS 2 and I am not sure why..well maybe it is because the enemies just seem to spam unblockables like crazy and for some reason are never interrupted when you hit them like in the first game. Or maybe it is because they want you to use Void Sword and Chaos Claws more..I don't know. But holy crap I need to tap my finger to the left trigger. I love the game don't get me wrong, but I just wish the combat was still more like the first game. Also the whip does not seem a long as it was in the first as well..I know it isn't the vampire killer but it is based off it so shouldn't it be? I mean when the enemies just back the hell away every time it would be nice not to have to lung at then just to hit them with a wipe. I just think the combat should have been a little better. Still fun just can be a little frustrating with a whole crap ton of enemies trying to hit you when you are attacking them. I am not trying to say I don't want a challenge (the boss fights gave me that) but the regular enemies just are almost as annoying as come bosses.

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I never needed any tips for LoS 1 but does anyone have any tips for LoS2 because it IS more challenging then LoS1 there is no doubt about that.