This game serves as an example that Castlevania can enter the 3rd Dimension

User Rating: 8.6 | Akumajou Dracula Mokushiroku Gaiden: Legend of Cornell N64
This game is actually the "Director's Cut" version of Castlevania 64, it is a refined version with improved graphics and more characters to play with. I played the original CV64 and it was really good, the story and everything.

Unlike CV64, the game focuses on a new character, named Cornell, as he must find his kidnapped sister, who was kidnapped by Dracula's minions to resurrect him once more, but as the game progresses there will be plot twists and everything. The story is really good. As you finish the game, you'll unlock additional characters - a new one named Henry, plus the original two from CV64, Reinhardt and Carrie.

The game is now in full 3D, unlike most Castlevanias, which are played in complex 2D worlds. It really feels like an action/adventure game with a little of exploring to do, such as finding keys and talking to some people, for me it was a style similar to Zelda OoT but with less exploring and more action-oriented. The game has a little of clunky controls but it's not unplayable, you'll eventually get used to the controls and don't feel that bad, just a little slow, perhaps. You have a main attack, a melee attack, a weapon attack and Cornell features a werewolf transformation. Besides, you have an inventory, where you'll collect several items that will help you on your quest, such as keys and health.

The graphics, honestly, are pretty bad. I mean, all N64 games had low-poly models but this one is even lower than the standard and everything looks too squarey. The original CV64 had this problem and so does this one, and the graphics look pretty washed out and blurry, but if you have a N64 Expansion Pak it helps a little, as it doubles the resolution and the game looks a lot sharper, but framerate feels a little lower, but it graphics really look better even with lower framerate, it is still playable. Sound is really cool, as it's expected. Great music, and if you have a home theater it will sound even better - pretty impressive, considering it is an old game. The only reason why I didn't score sound a perfect 10 was because it lacks the violin theme which played in the title screen of CV64, and it was my favorite musical theme, I was really, really expecting to hear it when I first turned on my N64 with the game, so it was a major dissappointment. The rest of the game is safe and sound, though.

Cornell's story is the longest one, and his quest is a little long, so the game has some length. Henry's not so much, but it helps unlock the other two characters, so you'll spend some time with the game. Besides, the game has several endings and several ending scenarios, so you'll want to play the game several times, it's worth it.

In the end, I really liked this game, although technically it could have been a little more. If you manage to look deeper than the graphical quality, you'll find a terrific game with an engaging storyline. I hope more 3D Castlevanias are made that follow this one as a model.