I came expecting a horrible Castlevania game as I had never experianced a 3D castlevania. Man was I wrong.

User Rating: 8.5 | Akumajou Dracula Mokushiroku Gaiden: Legend of Cornell N64
I've been a fan of castlevania for a couple years now. I've played the side-scrollers and they were all excellent games, however I had not yet played one with 3d graphics I honestly had low expectations for this game, but after the first level I knew this game was gonna be great. Being the prequel to Castlevania 64 I played this one first. I've gotta be honest the games are not that much(I do recommend to play both though) different however this game has more modes. You may play as Cornell, Reinhardt, Carrie, and Henry. They all have their own story line, powers, and levels (some levels are shared by the characters though). The first mode you must play through to continue to unlock the others is Cornells. You are a man beast who after training for one year has gained the ability to change into the beast(by hitting the L button you may change into a werewolf during the game for a limited time to do extra damage). You return to your village to find it on fire and your one relative alive, your not even blood relative adopted sister has been kidnapped by the Count himself(actually Draculas minions) for a sacrifice. You then set out on a quest to save her. After beating Cornells mode you unlock Henrys which if you get everything in it you will unlock alternate costumes, the other two characters, and hard mode. This game actually has enough to do to keep you playing for a while. All in all this is a great game. It does have some faults(but what game doesn't) but any fan of Castlevania or platformers or just someone looking for a good N64 game, Castlevania Legacy of Darkness is for you.