Castlevania 64 ummm 2???????

User Rating: 8.8 | Akumajou Dracula Mokushiroku Gaiden: Legend of Cornell N64
Castlevania Legacy Of Darkness. Well Konami has redone Castlevania 64. However the second one isn't without error. Legacy Of Darkness starts out 10 yrs before Castlevania 64, and your character is a werefolf. Not to say this isn't cool, but Corniel doesn't control as well as Scinder does. This game did have unlockable costumes, and 4 playable characters, which wasn' too bad. What's missing from this game? Lot's of Potential! I mean some parts of this game were either sickenly easy or throw your controller out the window mad. Or wait do you remember the motor cycle bone heads? Yeah skeletons who drove WWII style bikes, in the early 1800' No! But it got worse they never explain how this stuff magically appeared, or how these demons and monsters are getting there arsenal! Frankenstein has a chain saw. That wasn't invented for another 60 or 70 yrs. This kind of stuff takes away from the greatness of the game its self. It was not necessary at all. Moving on. I enjoyed the story line. Also this game was the only Castlevania game to have lots of Vampires. That was cool! Especially how they would just drop out of no were and scare the stuffing out of ya. Plus the boss battle in this game was insane. Dracula re-born as the punk kid you were helping out the whole game. What about the romance between the Vamp girl and the Belmont descendant? Good bargin bin game for you guys to own in your N64 collection.