An americain werewolf in Transylvania

User Rating: 8.8 | Akumajou Dracula Mokushiroku Gaiden: Legend of Cornell N64
I was and still am a big fan of castlevania 64. This game based on that one, this time making use of the N64-expantionpack. I don't know exactly what made Konami decide to basicly do a remake of a game which was released shortly before. I found there was not much wrong with castlevania 64. Anyway i was pleased to do the adventure all over, and i still enjoyed it very much.
This time you play as a guy named Cornell, who occasionally turns into a werewolf. After you have completed his quest you can also play as one of the heros from castlevania64, Carrie and Reinhart. They have new costumes and Reinhart's whip changes when he gets an upgrade, much like in Super Castlevania 3 on the SNES. The whip with the metal ball at the end i found coolest, too bad it wasn't the strongest. There also is a fourth character named Henry. Playing as Henry is more of a bonus-mission. He has a pistol with wich he can easily shoot any opposition. The only difficulty lies in finding seven children throughout a limited number of levels. Finding and resqueing children is a good and new idea, but like i said in this game it's only a bonus.
Back to Cornell, who is the star of the game. HIs clothing is very blurry and blueish and he looks a bit feminime. I guess the whole girly-boy-hero-thing which nowadays is typical for the Castlevania series started with him. During the game he gathers these red crystals which he can use to transform into a werewolf. The werewolf is much stronger. After this metamorphis the red crystals start counting down and you cannot stop it. Only when all the crystal is used up does he return to normal. That's a shame, because as a player you have a tendency to save the crystals for when it realy matters and not when you feel like it, which would have been more fun. The werewolf-concept is cool though.
About the game itself. Well, there are a couple of new levels and also new level-bosses. Most of them are great, like Medusa, a chimera and the harpy. Some levels got a complete makeover. The tower of torment got better from this, while other levels, in my oppinion, got worse. Also Cornell has his own endboss. Defeating this William Blake-like montrousity on the hard level was one of the toughest challenges i encountered in any god.
In conclusion i must say that i prefer castlevania64, but i'm glad Konami also released this one too. It's a bit like completing the master quest after you have completed Ocarina of time. I don't mind seeing the werewolf return in a future castlevania preferably on a nintendo-system.