Castlevania: Lament of Innocence Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Access Switch Room Early

    In the level ''House of Sacred Remains'', there is a room with a doorway on a balcony (second room to the ''east'' after reaching first ''east-west hallway'', contains a Crystal sup-weapon) that can normally only be accessed after you aquire the Wolf's Foot Relic, by jumping off the balcony across the room from it. But it can be reached w/o this relic. Simply jump onto the balcony in front of it (will be a large ''gate'' between them), then jump down off the bottom corner (towards camera), double jump towards the door balcony, and whip onto the rail. This may take a few tries, as its somewhat tricky to get into the right place.

    Contributed by: ImmortalDragonX 

  2. Duplicate items early in the game (NA Version)

    You can duplicate items early and a very easy way early in the game. First off you must have at least one of the items you want to duplicate. Example would be a High Potion. Now go to the very first save point in the game. Its on Leons right as he enters the castle. Now before you actually go to the save point you really just need to go to the hall where the save point is. If you walk on the left side of the screen on the red part of the carpet you should see a green part of the floor where it looks like the moon is shining through green. You need to stand on the red part of the carpet facing the window on the green spot of the floor. Next press start and go to items. Scroll down to the item you want to duplicate. You should notice that all of your items are going up by one. You can get a max of 9 in normal mode and 5 in Crazy mode doing this. You can do this for any item. Try it with a gem like a diamond then sell the diamonds back to get infinte money.

    Contributed by: azzra 

  3. Item Duplication - Pagoda Of The Misty Moon (US Version)

    There's another way to duplicate your Items, instead of doing it in the Prelude To The Dark Abyss/Castle Entrance. On Floor 2 of the Pagoda Of The Misty Moon, just as you enter the Floor, nearby on the carpet is a circle design. Stand near it and enter the Menu and head to your Item List and duplicate away.

    Contributed by: Kain Stryder 

  4. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the game as Leon, select New Game, and enter the name as @LLSKILL All Skills
    Beat the game and save it. Go to the level selection screen with the same character you beat it with and it is available. Boss Rush mode
    Beat the game on Normal with Leon. Start a new game and at the Name entry screen enter @CRAZY. Crazy Mode
    Beat the game with Leon. It will then appear in Rinaldo's shop list for 999 Gold. Jade Mask
    Beat the game as Leon. At the Name entry screen enter your name as @JOACHIM. Joachim Armster
    Beat the game on @Crazy mode and it will appear in Rinaldo's item list for 200,000 gold Mobius's brooch
    After you beat the game, save the file. When you go to Rinaldo's cottage, you can buy the Music Box and play all the music at the main menu. Music Box
    Beat the game as Joachim Armster and save it. Enter @PUMPKIN as your name at the Name entry screen. Pumpkin mode

    Contributed by: Styxx21, the3rdkey, Nightmare Beta, Saikyo Mog, l3emani Dragon 

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