People keep dissing it, but its quite good.

User Rating: 7.5 | Castlevania Judgment WII
This is a fighting game for wii. The game features 14 characters but is reasonable since it is only the main characters. Each character has 3 combos, but lots of extra weapons to use and special moves. They also have a hyper move. The story is all of the characters get brought together to defeat a secret enemy. It is fun to play but after a while it gets boring alone. Playing with a friend is fun and you can customize your characters with items you earn in castle mode. There is also an arcade mode and survival. The versus is 1p vs 2p, 1p vs COM and COM vs COM. You can use a gamecube, classic or wii remote for the gameplay. Swinging to perform attacks is good and i sometimes prefer it over a classic since for specials, you have to press a + b instead of just a. You can't remap this and sometimes the jump button on the classic doesn't work. All in all, it is average, but good have been better. They also could have added more characters or swapped out golem for Soma Cruz or another Belmont or another main character. Also, they made Carmilla's boobs way to big and exposed.