Quite underrated... I bought it because i thought it would suck... I guess i was wrong

User Rating: 9 | Castlevania Judgment WII
There is a time in a gamers life where they try to find the worst game in history. Prior to playing this game, I had played dragon ball Z sagas.... I let me tell you, that game sucked elephant sausage turds. And yet gamespot gave that game a higher review.... hmmm. Well there way, this game was not bad at all. Expessally since I had no expectation for the game. I actually really enjoyed it.

It is a simple fighting game, which is an aspect that makes the game really addicting. It has a fair number of characters easy controls... (i used a gamecube controller) and a very nice soundtrack. The game itself got hard once you got to Dracula. They crank the difficulty almost 75% in this fight but besides that, you will find yourself enjoying a crisp fighter.

Basically my review for the game is not to really say oh this game was awesome or anything like that. It is a casltevania game. with Simon Belmont. enough said... ofcourse it cant be that bad. But this game marks the point of a really good game on the wii console that will hopefully be remembered by some people.

The search goes on for the worst game ever...