I tried to convince myself that this game doesn't suck, but...

User Rating: 5 | Castlevania Judgment WII
...it's such a mediocre game and that can't be ignored.
Before starting, i must say that i don't completely agree with the Gamespot review for this game, it's not all 'that' bad; for example: the reviewer pointed out as flaws the camera, controls and characters, to name a few.
Personally, the camera didn't bother me, it's true it could have been better it we had control over it, but no, they wanted to have an "intelligent" camera that simply didn't appeal to many players.
The controls... i played with the Gamecube controller, so i don't know about the Wiimote experience, but what i can say about the GC controller is that it was plain OK, nothing too great nor too bad.
And the characters... more than irritating i found them boring, along with the story of the game naturally, it was a lame excuse for a fighting game. Good games have a good story and good gameplay (and other things) but Castlevania Judgment didn't have any.

I've always liked Castlevania, and i was particularly interested in this game because it was 3D Fighting.
If i had had the chance to rent it before buying it i would have done it, but i couldn't because the game was never released in my country, so i actually had to buy it online, not more than a week ago.
At first i was happy with it, i was just eager to unlocking the secret characters, which were the only ones i actually looked forward playing as. The first thing i didn't like was that the characters design. The original designs for each character are amazing, why throw them away? take for example Shanoa's.
Another thing i didn't like was the lack of attacks, that's a big mistake in fighting games, it makes it boring. You could only come up with 2 (rarely 3) GOOD combos for each character, which made the fights rather repetitive. (I must state that coming up with good combos was entertaining, while it lasted) On a personal sidenote: The blocking thing was irritating, they shouldn't have made the block so enduring in my opinion.
The subweapons were a nice touch, they can be quiet handy for combos. Though when they're not used in a combo they can be blocked or evaded too easily.

The game modes are pretty much the same, so here's where you notice the lack of replay value, which is the main problem of the game, in my opinion.
The accessories you unlock in Castle mode are another nice touch, but most of them are so little that you can't really notice your character wearing them, so it becomes kinda useless.
As for online fights, you rarely find other players (like... you have to leave your Wii searching for other players, while you go and do something else), being that not many gamers out there still play this game. I managed to fight against 3 different players, i got to win, i got to lose, it was fun, but just for a while.

Now the music. They picked mostly the popular themes of Castlevania, but the arrangements made them sound kind of dull, you barely get the feeling of the song. However, the original theme song for the game, "Darkness of Fear", is pretty good.
The stages were very simple, yet they had potential; Castlevania Judgment is all about the potential. I really hope they make a sequel to fix their mistakes, i'd admire Konami if they do that. The game could have been good, but it seems like they didn't put too much effort on it.

It has been less than a week and the game already bores me, i tried to convince myself that the game could be fun because i didn't want to feel like i had wasted my money, but i did, and that's what happens when you buy a videogame without previously renting it.
I only recommend this game to players who aren't too demanding with their videogames, though still i'd advice them to rent it before buying it, because even my brother, who doesn't expect so much from videogames, got bored with it.