Despite not having fan-friendly character designs and polished details, it's still quite fun.

User Rating: 7.5 | Castlevania Judgment WII
As a Castlevania-fan I expected a lot from this one even after hearing it's the worst in the series. Fearing the worst, I was actually positively surprised with this game. The controls take some time to adjust, but aren't so complicated in the end. This game has been criticized most for it's new character designs, which are the biggest disappointment considering us Castlevania-fans, but can still be stood enough for us to enjoy the game itself.

+ Presentation - The game's outlook is great, animation and sound effects are in harmony with each other.
+ Music - This game's music mostly consists of stylish arranged versions of older classics which all sound great.
+ Japanese voice-acting selectable - Once again English voice-acting sounds poor so it's a relief you can change the spoken language.
+ Many game-modes - There's Story mode, Castle mode, Arcade mode, Versus mode, many different modes indeed.

+- Controls - Controls are generally speaking good, but especially in the beginning cause a lot of confusion.
+- Variety of characters - There's only total of 14 different characters to choose from, but they come in different outfits and combos.
+- Graphics - Graphics are generally good but unpolished.
+- Stages - There is many selectable stages but come of them are quite dull.

- Character designs - Some of them just aren't Castlevania style nor good.
- English voice-acting - As said before English voice-acting is pretty poor, even bad.
- Quite unpolished - Suffers lost of little details which could boost this game's performance greatly.

Overall I think GameSpot's 3.0 score is totally underrated and even non-Castlevania-fans can enjoy it.