Lets not even judge!

User Rating: 1 | Castlevania Judgment WII
The game sucked big time! The graphics was incredible, but not enough to keep playing the game never kept me interested in playing the game. traded it in first place who would take and the value was really low cause of its age and its grading! be advise its not what you think and its a short game at that! Other games I get won't be this boring as boring as this game is every castlevania game I ever play was never this boring. Demond and draculas you fight are really easy and does not get you anywhere. you stay in the same level all the time. Boring game! Be advise is not worth buying. Only fun to play versus mode against someone else or the computer. Not like other castlevania games I ever played. New characters in the game but it does not make the game better. Special moves are given to each characters. makes it seem like it's street fighter, but it is not. it is just a wanna be street fighter game.