best in the NES series

User Rating: 9 | Akumajou Densetsu NES
Now this is just impossibly hard but freaking awesome.

graphics - This looks better than simon's quest and it looks way better than the original.

sound - The sound is just astronomically awesome. The music is just great with a nice tone along with perfect sound effects (the few of them there are)

gameplay - Now this game revisits the original castlevania's gameplay, so it's linear and it's not just a confusing nonlinear mess.
With this comes the challenge which is bone crushingly impossible. You wouldn't believe what kind of crap they pull just to kill you. Also the biggest thing that was added would have to be the ability to play as extra characters
grant - short weapon/climbs on walls and ceilings (hold B)
alucard - fireballs/turns into a bat (crouch and hold A) (I think maybe it's B)
sypha (or something) short weapon/magic spells (spells instead of extra weapons)
after you unlock a character from that level on you can choose that character or another or maybe just go it alone. Than by hitting select you will switch between trevor and the selected extra party member.

special charm - it's freaking castlevania

final feelings - This is an almost impossible game with some awesome stuff added in from the original castlevania formula.