The Best Castlevania Game....for the NES? Yes sir, for the NES.

User Rating: 8.7 | Akumajou Densetsu NES
You walk into a store and find Castlevania III along the inventory.

Still have that dusty old box they call an NES?

Well, do your best to clean it out because Castlevania III is hands down one of the best NES games out there, sitting next to Super Mario Brothers 3.

Let us begin on the story, it takes 100 years before Castlevania 1 and 2, but you're still playing a Belmot. And what Belmots do is make sure Dracula doesn't make some towns go boom and stuff. But that awesome intro makes it feel much better then the previous CV games.

The sound, NES wise, is to die for. I'd say it's the best NES music there is, but if you have this for a Famicom, it'll sound even better.

Graphics are pretty sharp for an NES game. It's not the best looking, but it's the best at doing it's job. Smacking bats with a whip.

This game has over 13 stages. And multiple paths for you to go along with, making this a long Castlevania game. And the Mountain Range will take you ages to beat.

But what about gameplay? Well, it's classic Castlevania. Don't get hit, (Getting hit is bad even if you do it once.) go from door to door, and smack big boss. The bosses each have their own method of killing you. And you'll have to learn how to dodge each one in order to even get close to the actual Castlevania. But the games saving grace is that you can tag a partner along for the caravan to vampires. Although you would probably choose Alucard only since...well....he's the best for almost anything. And with that being said, it's probably not that much cool when Alucard is the best answer by a long shot.

Sure, enemies are recycled, again, but if you play Castlevania, you won't mind this. There's plenty to try to get across ranging from SMB 1-2 elevator peril, to racing for your life in a sinking city. There's alot to get killed by, and with that being said, if you die constantly on Level 3, the same is going to happen for almost all the levels. And if you're easily turned off when the game owns you, well, it's just you.

Vampire hunting hasn't been this much fun yet, so you can imagine it's success back in the olde days. And if you're a hardcore Castlevania player, you must've already played this. If not, enjoy nostalgia. This is a great game.