Another sequel that rocks! NES classic!

User Rating: 9.3 | Akumajou Densetsu NES
The third installment of the classis NES series Castlevania, continues the same tradition as the first Castlevania game with many improvements. Plus this time the path is not linier, there are several choices you can make including witch character to use to help you along in your mission to slay Dracula. This installment introduces the Son of Dracula, who is named Alucard who you can use in the game along with 2 other characters, a Pirate and a Mage. As the story goes, you have to fight your way through the various levels of Dracula's castle in order to put an end to Dracula's evil. The graphics are very good for a NES game, the environments come alive and the enemies are made very well. The sound is AWESOME.. the soundtrack to this game is very well made and the catchy tunes stick in your head all day. There is also a high replay value as you can make different choices depending on which path you take and/or which character you use. So you can play the game several times over to see different endings based on your choices. This is the best game out of the 3 NES versions because it sticks to the main storyline of the first game but adds the ability to use different characters/paths to make a greater overall experience.