Best. Game. Evar.

User Rating: 10 | Akumajou Densetsu NES
This is it folks: The Best. Game. Evar. Here's why: Gameplay Castlevania III uses the same basic formula as Castlevania, and it works. It also expands on that formula in so many ways. The most notable gameplay feature in Casltevania III is the spirit helper system. Along the way to kill Dracula (because that's what Belmonts do), you will encounter three characters which all have their advantages and disadvantages whom you can team up with. One is a pirate who can climb walls, one a mage with powerful spells, and the third the son of Dracula himself, cleverly named Alucard. There is a great variety of stages in this game, and depending on who your spirit partner is, you can play the stages many different ways. The level design is superb, and the atmosphere and tension in this game are great, keeping an ostensibly slow-paced game feeling rather fast. The platforming elements are well-done. Environmental hazards and cleverly placed enemies challenge the player to play smart and skilled. This game features some both challenging and memorable bosses, and I never find myself loath to play it. Another great feature is that the road sometimes forks, and players must choose their destiny. All paths do lead to Dracula, except the path of not having the mad skills to get there. It just adds another layer of depth to this game. Graphics The graphics in this game achieve a perfect aesthetic. People who don't understand the evolution of video game hardware may not appreciate what Konami did here. The colors are well-balanced and create the perfect atmosphere for this game. Animations are smooth and natural. Sprites are well-detailed. Sound An awesome and unforgettable soundtrack. I still hum these tunes everyday. Sound effects are natural and interesting. The music especially only compounds the awesomeness of this game's aura. Value Multiple paths, multiple ways to take multiple paths, a challenge level that keeps the game from stagnating, and atmospheres that are immersive make this game more fun to play any time of the day than most games I can think of. This game is a marvel of classic gaming that has retained its charm, and there should be a shrine built to it. Tilt If I had to marry a video game, this would be it. I just can't tire of this game. It's heart-pounding platforming action with sing-along tunes and awesome atmosphere. It doesn't do a thing wrong.