Castlevania II: Simon's Quest Cheats For NES

  1. Passwords

    Effect Effect
    DY31 LXDY W45X TGJX Defeat Dracula
    7MEF 0VFT 151Z Y2Z5 Fight Dracula
    UGKD N3BV W2VL SDYV Fight Dracula for the best ending
    31U2 ONCF 2RAU 04VF Start on Level 6
    MLIT-WVCW-T3KU-SFZC Start the game with all items and weapons
    OBKQ EPY1 UHBC R3YJ Start with "Morning Star" Whip
    GZ0V I0I5 GQCF U2ZB Start with all items, Level 6, and Flame Whip on Day "0"
    ZQ35 T1HK FW0B AMXS Start with Chain Whip
    ELED O7EZ VF1U S2RG Start with Chain Whip, Blue Crystal, Dagger, Holy Water, Dracula's Bone, 3 Garlics and 4 Laurels
    WZSY MLAD 4PY0 ZEEE Start with Flame Whip
    GINF HQLS BOVJ UHJ4 Start with Thorn Whip

    Contributed by: shadowcore76, MetalSmasher86, MrPopsicle43, ybtone79, Tifas-Revenge 

  2. Maxed Passwords

    These passwords are so named because they will give all items, a White Crystal, 8 Laurels, 8 Garlic, 6 Experience, a Flame Whip, and - so as to make the endings more available - a clock set at zero days. These will make you start the game anew under these conditions; two passwords are listed as well because the password system is different between the releases.

    Effect Effect
    G9JV 4TBQ P5QV 3T7Q Maxed Password - PAL Release
    C1EN WMAK JXKN VMZK Maxed Password - US Release

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

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