One Awsome game and one great game wrapped in a package everyone should buy.

User Rating: 9 | Castlevania Double Pack GBA
If you have a DS or a gameboy advanced, then you should not pass this package up. It's an unremarkable package. First off Aria of sorrow. This game is the game that started the change from advanced to DS castlevania,(it was the last advanced castlevania game) And it was at the top of it's game pulling of cutting edge visuals (when it came out) and supurb gameplay wrapped in some pretty nice music. The second game in the package, it's quite as good, but it can hold it's own. If you have played eny castlevania game past this game, the game will have a dated feel to it. But it's still a great game in it's own right. With good enough visuals, still good gameplay, but a little clunky feeling compared to the newer installments. And it's music isn't quite as uplifting, but is still good. So combining a absolutly amzing game (Aria of sorrow) and a great game (Harmony of Dissonance) Makes a supurb package that nobody with a DS or GBA should pass up.

Good: Two games wrapped in one.
The games are great.
The games have good to supurb visuals(for their time)
The music is still nice to listen to.
Both games are lengthy and both are worth playing though to the end.

Bad:Harmony feels pretty dated by this point.
Harmony is often thought of as the worst castlevania on the GBA and DS.And it is.(but it's still good)
Harmony feels kinda clunky.