A must-have if you haven't played these games already.

User Rating: 9.6 | Castlevania Double Pack GBA
Castlevania Double Pack allows you to play two great 2D Castlevania games in one cartridge: Harmony of Dissonance and Aria of Sorrow. If you haven’t played these games already you should definitely get this Double Pack in your collection.

As mentioned in Double Pack you get to experience two different Castlevania adventures: the first as Juste Belmont in Harmony of Dissonance and the second as Soma Cruz in Aria of Sorrow. Be prepared to collect many different items and weapons in a huge Dracula’s Castle while fighting lots of creepy monsters.

Graphics are fantastic for GBA and this is made all the better by using a rich color palette. Environments look pretty detailed and sound effects fit the action nicely. Music on the other is an area where these games really shine and as always it’s just a pleasure to listen those different themes as you explore the castle.

Gameplay is simple consisting of hacking and jumping mostly, but is made much more interesting in collecting different items, weapons and power-ups as you progress. That sense of reward and accomplishment is heavily present here.

Unless you already have these games individually Castlevania Double Pack is a must-have to your GBA collection.