Best deal for any GBA owner

User Rating: 9.5 | Castlevania Double Pack GBA
To be upfront with you I'm not a portable gamer at all , I used to be when I was into Pokemon (who wasn't) but after that phenomenom ended I became a console gamer . I picked up a used SP for 40 bucks and never played it until I picked up this game . Both of these games are accessible and feel fantastic , I'm talking about the first time you played Super Mario Bros good. The stories are generic ( you save this place with that girl) , but you don't play these both games for the story it's for the game play . The first time you absorb a soul or whip the stuffing out of an undead enemy and lvl up feels refreshing , which is kinda weird but that's what great about both of these games .The graphics are great for a 2D side-scroller with fluid animation and tight tight controls . The ROG system is great and makes exploring more engaging . The sound is the standard 1 sound/ blip noise but it gets the job done , but the background music is good. If you're new to Castlevania or to 2D side-scrollers then I highly recommend this purchase.