TWO! Castlevania HoD and AoS in ONE GAME!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!

User Rating: 10 | Castlevania Double Pack GBA
This game is perfect for all thoughs Castlevania lovers out there. I just got it resently, because the copy of Aria of Sorrow I had bought at gamestop was a pirated version!!!!! 0_0!!!! It would save but the game deleted its files on me!! And I WAS ON DEATH!!! But anyways... this ONE game holds the TWO games Castlevania: Harmony of of dissinace and Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. Both of the games areGREAT. First I'll talk about HoD.

Castlevania: HoD

First of you think, "Why in the WORLD is Juste Belmont (your main player), and is whip outlined in BLUE!!!!"
Well I have no idea. It's JUSTE plain weird. Also when you get hit you turn green for a fraction of a second. YA I know GREEN. Same things with enemies. But after the first two bosses (# uno is the first boss from the original Castlevania game for the NES, and #2 who is this weird living armor thing that gives you the lizard tail ability), the game starts to get VERY hard. After all it's a Castlevania game. Also this game copies most of the stuff from SoTN (best Castlevania game EVER), such as... the save points AND rooms (I know weird right), and A LOT of the enemies. And speaking of save points, thery're aren't a lot of them so watch out!

All and all hoD is a fun game with A LOT of challange.

Castlevania: AoS

OK now we're going into some deep reviewing here. First of i will say now that this game is so good it has a secuil on the DS called, Dawn of Sorrow. DoS is practicly the same game but for the DS.
But now on with AoS.
The game's about a guy named Soma (don't ask me ask the people who made it.) who travels to Japan (DON'T ASK ME) for a school trip. he goes to this shrine with his friend (What's her face... AH I don't know, I forgot) and gets sucked in this eclipse. And now he's in Draculas Castle. and you go around killing monsters as usual leveling up in the now ONLY way to make Castlevania games (with SoTN's format), and then collecting the souls of them, which you use as sub weapons, stat raisers, and helping things. Now sence Some can collect souls who do you think he is... truth fully... still can't guess... well he's Dracula himself... but he doesn't now that UNTILL he enharets ALL of Dracula's powers. Well thats all for this game, but it is just plain old awesome.

Now I highly recomend this game to ANY Castlevania for its awesome. To new comers to the series you might find this game a little tough... OK, A LOT tough. But this game IS awesome, it's great, I GIVE IT............................... A...................... 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…¬˚∆©ƒ∆©˙∆¬¥˙´∂ƒ√∆˚"˙…˙≥˚¬≤˙©√˙˚©∫˚∫∆∆¬ƒ˙∆˚≤µAYAYZ!!!