Truely a work of art this game is. (Actually 9.6)

User Rating: 9.5 | Castlevania: Curse of Darkness PS2
As a person that played Castlevania on Nes and Snes, I had a high expectation for 3D Castlevania games. I did play both the N64 Castlevania, they were very great games, but I felt they did not live up to the original. I have never played Lament of Innocence, but I found this at a used video game store and I decided to buy Curse of Darkness. I must I say, Castlevania Curse of Darkness exceed my expectations. Curse of Darkness did what the N64 Castlevania games failed to do and keep the same classic feel as all 2d Castlevania games had.

Two question people have is, this as good as the 2D ones or is this one the best in the series? Curse of Darkness in my opinion is not one the best in the series, but it is definatly in my list of Top 25 games I have ever played

Story-The game is centered around a character named Hector who has a special power know as devil forgeing. In the game they call it a devil forgemaster. Someone girl close to him was murdered because she was falsely accused of being a witch. This event was orchestrated by Isaac, who is an other devil forgemaster. Hector goes an a quest for revenge.

That is all I want to give away from the story because that is a very strong aspect of the game.

Graphics- Like the headline for this review, this game was truely a work of art. Characters and enemies had as much detail as a PS2 game can offer.

Gameplay- When you first see this game people quickly expect a hack n slash. But after the first 15 minutes you realise that it is played more like an adventure game then just a hack n slash (which was my only kinda flaw with the game. I am a huge Devil May Cry fan.) But the style of the game is more appealing to a wider audience because many people do not like hack n slashes, people like more open ended games such as Legend of Zelda and Mass Effect.

Lasting Appeal- I beat the about a year ago, and after I beat Final Fantasy XIII i decided to play this game again. And still love it. Defiantly is a classic.

Overall- I recomend this game to anyone that does like Castlevania games or wants to start playing them before Lords of Shadows comes out. Or someone that loves action adventure games with great stories