Hector brings a new face to the Castlevania franchise and with his Devil forgemaster talents, he just might make it...

User Rating: 8 | Castlevania: Curse of Darkness PS2
Castlevania Curse of Darkness is an action adventure game that has many features to it. When you kill enemies you level up. There are many weapons in the game that you will acquire through out. This game also allows you to create your own weapon with materials you get through out the entire game. You can also get what is called ID's or innocent devils. They are very powerful. They help you out a lot. There are some puzzles in the game that you have to have a certain kind of innocent devil. Some can freeze time. The main character in the game is Hector and he is a devil forge master. He has an arch rival and his name is Issac. He is also a devil forge master. A big deal through out the game is Dracula's curse.Some diehard fans underrated this game because they wanted a superproduction like God of War or because they still wished 2D graphics. I welcome the 3D evolution for this series and this game became GREAT! This game have a lot of elements the makes it rich: graphics, soundtrack, story, fighting, lenght, RPG evolution, backtracking and replay value (as a secret character).
I am a long time player (since Atari), so I saw (and played) a lot of games since then. At this days, I have few time for playing, however, Castlevania - Curse of darkness brought me back to the joystick everyday. The game provides fun without stress (I tend to avoid highly complex games - they are better on vacations).
You play as Hector, that lost his beloved and wants revenge. This hero is a kind of summoner of friendly beasts (ID=Innocent Devil, this is a good new in this game). He will hunt Isaac, an evil cursed and another summoner. Hector must regain his lost powers in order to defeat Issac. However, a lot of other people takes place in story as well.
Enjoy it, I recommend it.