Castlevania: Circle of the Moon Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. How to use DSS in the Battle Arena

    This trick works best if you are over level 50, and have at least 10-15 Mind Highs or better.

    1. Enter the Battle Arena with a Summon Combo equipped on your DSS button (Uranus + Cocatrice works best).

    2. When you want to use your DSS cards, go to ''Items'' on the Pause Menu. Use a Mind High (or better, if you have it).

    3. IMMEDIATLY after exiting the Pause Menu, hit the DSS button to prepare, and then quickly hit the Summon Combo off (down, forward, up, attack). You'll have used a Summon inside the Battle Arena!

    Contributed by: Elemental Knight 

  2. Secret DSS powerup

    This powerup works best on a summon, but you can also do it on whips, swords, etc... Summon for example thunderbird. When you fly in the air, pause and switch to Mars+Black Dog (gives the best strength). The summon will be way more powerful! Good for killing hard enemies (Mimic Candle, Lilith, etc...)

    Contributed by: Mormelv2.0 

  3. Keep killing the Battle Arena Devil

    When at the end of the Batlle Arena, where you get the Shinning Armor, Keep distance from the left wall and slide through the gap from a distance that you gon't fall out of it. You'll be at the entrance of the BA. Turn right and slide back in. The doors will be open. Keep killing until your health is low. You should gain a lot of exp. from the BA devil!

    Contributed by: Mormelv2.0 

  4. Use any DSS combo without getting the cards

    1.) Select a DSS combo that you have.
    2.) Activate it.
    3.) As Nathan begins to glow, quickly pause.
    4.) Now select any DSS combo, choosing cards from empty slots.
    5.) Now instead of the DSS combo you first activated, you will get the new one you chose.

    Contributed by: The Total Georgie 

  5. Play Battle Arena in Reverse!

    Normally when you finish the Battle Arena, you can play through again by going to the front door. However, there is a way to play the arena in reverse!<br /> After you've beaten Battle Arena Devil, just stand halfway towards the exit in the "Shinning" Armor room. Slide out just enough to where you switch screens, but not far enough to exit the crawlspace. Slide back into the Arena and you'll find all the doors will be open again! Not only can you defeat the Devil again, but you can also run the entire Arena in reverse!<br /> <br /> Note: Doing this glitch causes the Battle Arena doors to remain open, letting you skip rooms if you so desire. If you move forward however, the doors will close behind you again.

    Contributed by: Kenshin Zlash 

  6. Secret Item Crush

    To use this special Item Crush, you must satisfy the following requirements:

    1. Have 100 Hearts (NOT Heart Items) or more.
    2. Do NOT have ANY subweapons at all! *IMPORTANT*
    3*. Have the Pluto and Salamander DSS cards.

    *If you know how to perform the DSS trick, then disregard requirement #3.*

    Once these requirements are satisfied, activate the Item Crush DSS (Pluto + Salamander), then, perform the actions needed to use it (Down, Forward, Up).

    Nathan will then unleash a barrage of homing stars that cause considerable damage against enemies, depending on his Strength level, so to strengthen it, use Strength-increasing items (this can also be done once this Item Crush is activated).

    Contributed by: Saviour-V 

  7. Cure Poison or Curse Without Antidote or Cure Curse

    You must have the Black Dog and Jupiter cards. When you are poisoned or cursed activate the Black Dog and Jupiter DSS combo. As soon as you activate it, deactivate it. You will now be poison or curse free.

    Contributed by: hokel 

  8. Negative Magic

    This glitch makes Nathan go into Negative magic.

    To do this:
    1. Perform the trick to activate a DSS combo that is missing one or two cards (Activate a combo you already have, then while Nathan flashes during activation, goto the DSS screen and pick any combination you desire).
    2. Make sure the incomplete combo you use works on use, NOT time (Like a summon, or whip).
    3. Use the combo until you run out of magic.

    If you did it right, and you had few enough ''excess'' magic left after you used the combo and ran out of magic, you should go into negative MP. You know for sure you did this right when you can goto the status screen and see that your MP is replaced with non-numerical characters (Like parenthesis, and |'s). Also, what this does is make you have to wait like normal until you go into positive MP, before you can activate any DSS combo again.

    Contributed by: ScouSin 

  9. 99990 attack power

    1) Equip items with a combined strength penalty that is equal to or greater than your strength. While the game will indicate that you have 1 strength, actually having 1 strength is not enough to activate this glitch.
    2) Activate the DSS card combo of your choice. Doesn't matter what it is - any DSS card combo will activate the glitch.

    Once both conditions are met, attack power will instantly be raised to 99990 while both conditions hold true. While the game says that attack power is 9999, spinning the whip, which normally does 1/10th as much damage as striking with it, will also do 9999 damage when it hits, as if attack power was 99990 or higher. Unfortunately, actually using this glitch is basically impossible, due to the first requirement. The maximum attack power that you can have and still perform this trick is 210 (2 bear rings + dark armor), and, by the time you get these items, attack power will probably be far higher. Still, if you can pull it off, it's quite useful

    Contributed by: BendragonX 

  10. Shield with no MP consumption

    1. Activate a shield (one using the Jupiter DSS card).
    2. Enter a save location, and save your game, not turning off your shield.
    3. Exit the save location, and your shield should still be going, with no consumption of your MP!

    Contributed by: wizardmon5 

  11. Magician, Fighter, Shooter and Thief Modes

    To play the game in the various modes with different attributes follow the method listed below

    Unlockable Unlockable
    After completing the game in MAGICIAN mode enter GRADIUS as your name when starting a new game Play in Fighter Mode
    After completing the game w/ Nathan enter FIREBALL as your name when starting a new game Play in Magician mode
    After completing the game in MAGICIAN & FIGHTER modes enter CROSSBOW as your name when starting a new game Play in Shooter Mode
    After completing the game in MAGICIAN, FIGHTER & SHOOTER modes enter DAGGER as your name when starting a new game Play in Thief Mode

    Contributed by: Odie_33, Odie, Dais 

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