I like it...

User Rating: 8.5 | CastleStorm PC
This came out of no where, I have never played this type of game before, it's great fun for me now that I know how to play it, the navigation to get you into the game is excellent and easy smooth (I mean it shows you how to get to where you need to go very well). However one of the problems with the game is that it doesn't tell you what you are supposed to do when you get there. The game is very short on teaching you how to play and with instructions, I spent the first while trying to figure out what everything meant, the tips on the screen are a bit weird, they whip by when you select something too fast to read and you pretty well have to figure things out for yourself, example no info on how to build a castle or using a pre-made. But other than that it grows on you , once I learned what I was doing and the importance of earning money for upgrades I've had a great time . And the expansion is perfect timing...

music and sound: very nice

graphics: suites it, crisp

controls: great on PC

replay ability: get boring .5 for timing of DLC

price: + DLC bargain, nothing to lose