The first stealth game ever made.

User Rating: 10 | Castle Wolfenstein C64
Castle Wolfensteing was the first stealth game ever made.It was completely revolutionary back then.

Graphics:10 out of 10
Although it is mainly a back ground with stick like people,it pushed the limits of graphical capabalities PC had back then.It may sound rideculous to give game with only a back ground and stick people a perfect score,it literally was the prettiest graphics in 1981.

Sound:10 out of 10
The gun effects were simply superb during its release.But the thing that makes this game's sound so special was the voice acting.When enemies talked,they literally sounded like real people!Additionally,they speak German perfectly!

Gameplay:10 out of 10
Every mechanics of the stealth genre:Avoiding enemy line of sight,preserving ammo,skipping enemies,and trying not to set alarms of were first created in Castle Wolfenstein.The game's story is basically about an agent(the player) who has to assassinate Hitler by setting a bomb on his room.The enemy AI was completely revolutionary.When you make a gunshot,you have a high risk of alerting othe guards who may hear the fire and come prepared with ready to battle.You get caught and you are more than the guards can handle,they will attempt to call for backup.Interestingly,there are occassionally civilians in the game(working at desktops.)There are parts in the game you have to find uniforms to convince these civilians you are a German officer so you could pass to the next area.If these civilians catches you wihtou unform,they press alarms to alert the other guards.However if you aim the gun at them before they could press the alarm,they will be too scared to press it and will raise their hands up like they are surrendering.Now that was revolutionary AI back then!Occassionally you will encounter Waffen SS Guards.You cannot kill the SS with a pistol.You have to use a grenade to kill them.When you finall find Hitler's room you have toplace the bomb there.After you finish placing the bomb,a timer appears.You have to escape the Castle before the bomb explodes and destroys i.But you have to be careful because new guards will be patrolling rooms that you just cleared.This game required caution,timing,precision,and avoding dectection,which was revolutionary!

Replay Value:High
One awesome thing about the game is that each time you start a new games,the castle regenerates its design,changing room placement and patrolling routes of guard.Now a PC game being able to do that wa san unbelievable achievment!

Castle Wolfenstein will always be remembered as creating the Stealth genre.Even today its just as intense and immersive as it was back in the 80s.

I give Castle Wolfenstein a PERFECT 10 out of 10.