Yet again- North American publisher mishandles another potentially good import.

User Rating: 8 | Shikigami no Shiro PS2
Opting to use the exact SAME cover art for Mobile Light Force 1 for the playstation 1, the same publisher in charge of bringing the game stateside once again doesn't seem to understand what their doing in the slightest in terms of marketing. So once again you have a terrible blunder on you're hands, with a title cover like say- three Charlie's angels running across a city scape being shot at by flying robots with lasers- well you have to wonder how much effort was put into distinguishing this game from its unrelated predecessor (Mobile Light Force which contains that exact same awful freaking cover art). Clearly they just didn't want the game to sell whatsoever. AS obviously know body knew what game this was unless they researched it back in the day (which was tough without the internet or so I hear). So its actually Shikigami no Shiro, another game from a completely different series then Gunbird a.k.a. poorly titled "Mobile Light Force" in the past. Shikigami no Shiro- is actually a decent game. Its not quite as good as its sequel, but its sequel is better than the 3rd title in the series. So what happened? How did this game get butchered over-seas? Who knows. Its a pretty solid shoot-em-up and if you're not a fan you're simply not a fan. However, don't go saying its a turd just because the box art is insulting and embarrassing.