I think this is the most brilliantly made game by Hoyle but I noticed a lot of errors in the production and making.

User Rating: 10 | Casino Empire PC
Okay error #1 when someone vomits most of the time their is no vomit splattered all over the floor when someone vomits. Error #2 on the Solid Gold casino level in the regular mode well you have to pay 5,000$ each month well once you pay 5,000$ and you have like 2,967$ to pay off and it's already a month and you pay another 5,000 and a few months later your at 15,998$ in debt and a month later you fail the game and that level is poorly made because I would rather have signed all of that paperwork than pay 5,000$ a month to fail and game and even if you do conserve enough money then their is hardly enough money to buy two craps tables. Error #3 sometimes when your rival brings in their workers for a raid well one of them always has to get stuck in their path and won't move at all. The graphics are alright but they could have used more advanced graphics than they used for the production on the game. I would have to say this is the best game hoyle has ever released even though their is a lot of errors in the making.