A solid casino builder for the Las Vegas enthusiast

User Rating: 7.5 | Casino Empire PC
ICasino empire is centered on building your own casino through a series of levels while beating out other competition. You'll be woring for a mob type character who, if you prove yourself worthy, give you a casino to manage.

You start out in a low end, no fancy, casino. You have to turn it around and eventually advance to the bigger and better casinos. Throughout the game you have a wide availability of options open to you. How strong the alcohol is, house advantage, payout rates. You may also hire thugs and such to "ruff up" other casinos.

As you advance further you gain more room to build more machines,bars,buffets and such. You also gain access to more prestigious decor, hotel rooms, suites and machines. The competition can get hazardous when they send their mobsters to break your machines or intimidate patrons.

You will also get celebrities to come to your casino who can either hurt or help your reputation by giving a positive review, throwing a party, or even getting married there.

all in all if your bored of city building sims casino empire is a good looking choice to get you hooked again.