A great game from Cartoon Network.

User Rating: 7.2 | Cartoon Network Racing PS2
Cartoon Network Racing delivers fast, crazy and wild cars of classic cartoon characters. It's a game similar to Crash Tag Team Racing and other cartoon racing games available. There are at least 3 or 4 characters in each show like "Johnny Bravo", "I am Weasel", "Cow & Chicken", "Dexter's Lab", "Power Girls" and "Courage". Not only that but you can also pick partners from other shows as well. There are fun modes to choose from which are:

Quick Race: Somewhat like practice mode and time rial modes in other racing games.

Tournament: If you win, you get a bonus episode of a particular show which brings back loads of memories.

Cartoon Elimination- It's not that fun of a mode but what the heck, it's there.

The bad things about this game are the framerate issues. When wver you pass through an opponent, the game somehow gets really slow. Speech in this game is very weird. Some parts the characters voice is clear some areas it isnt although they are saying the same things. Another is the graphics. The graphics are cell shaded badly. For instance the character Cow, the cell shading isnt that good at all.

The good things are of course the return of all the classic and favourite characters and a bonus of episodes included.

This is definetly a must buy for Christmas this year.