I love Cars but this is pretty boring.

User Rating: 6 | Cars Race-O-Rama DS
Things could have been a lot better with this game, but it turned out to be quite boring. Much of the racing is spent on empty roads with the same views we've seen before and it just feels slow. There is not much excitement going on. There is just no action. It doesn't even have a good soundtrack to listen to while you're cruising in the country. I have no desire to drive these races again because they are too easy and too boring. Sure, their faces seem exciting and they have great personality, but when they are on the roads in this game, it feels like they are sleeping.
This is an okay game for very young kids who want to practice driving. It's just not addicting whatsoever.
So, I love Cars and all that and the game looks good- it's just kinda borin. There are a lot of games I find annoying and there are a lot of graphics that I find ugly and this one doesn't annoy me, so that's cool. It was so easy to get through the races and not much of a rewarding feeling, though.