Its good if you are a Cars Fan.

User Rating: 8 | Cars Race-O-Rama PS2
Review For Cars Race o rama.

Well its good if you have bought all the cars games. Not good if you are just starting on it, I rented it to try. As i like the look of the old cars. Well its impressive, not for me. But then if you like cars its fine, Graphics are good. Content is good. The customizing is great and is underappreciated. Being a good game this should get more credit. If its not your style you shouldn't really bad mouth it. But there are few flaws in this game, it can get a little boring. Like NASCAR xD But its based on that. I prefer this to the rubbish Nascar game i played earlier. Rent it first, unless you are sure. I can't believe i like this sort of game. Its quite a guilty pleasure. What is cool though is the amount of stuff in the game. No doubt improving the cars experience. The worst thing about this is it can get a lot more boring than most games. But eh. Don't most get boring eventually? Check out my other reviews :)

Thanks for reading :)