Cars Mater-National- good enough

User Rating: 7.5 | Cars Mater-National Championship WII
Cars Mater-National is the latest 3D Driving/Racing game from Disney Enterprises and THQ. In the game, you play as a wide variety of protagonists from the Cars movie, and complete missions under markers in the selected locations from the movie. You race, do minni-games and exploring it's wide variety.

Cars Mater-National is a fun and pleasant game for those who are not familiar with the game's predecessor which was the movie game just called: Cars, and for young kids who are just entering the driving and racing experience, but fans of Pixar and gamers with more mature taste and experience may be put off by the game's faults.

Cars Mater-National is faithful to the spirit of the Pixar film. A lot of the characters appear from the film, in the cutscenes and gameplay, and the dialogue truly matches the personality of the characters from the film, which makes them behave like they should do. The lines are given perfectly from the voice cast, and done with the same comedic feel and innocent tone, that truly give the happy appeal of Disney. The story feels very close to Cars, and contains the small escapist feel of the film. The enviornments looks virtually identical to the film, and the characters still contain the exhurbrent, exaggerated facial expressions and animation from the film. The game is animated really fluidly, and every level is highly detailed.

But, whilst exploring Radiator Springs and all these different enviornments from the film is a great deal of fun, you are doing the exactly the same thing you did in the first game. You are still exploring these enviornments, and doing missions and races under Guido car and Race markers. For a sequel to a memorable kid-friendly racer, and a sequel that has landed for the first time on the next-gen console systems, for instance, this on Wii which I played, it really hasn't changed much from the orginial Cars. Like the last game, your doing races again and collecting lost items for characters: for instance, like in the last game you were collecting tyres for Luigi, you do that again this time. The minni-games are slightly different, but most borrowed from other movie tie-in games. Cars: Mater-National has a real trouble of lacking any orginality to compel and gaming audience.

Also, the controlling is very hobbled in this game. A lot of crashing and going off-track whilst racing will persue in your adventure. To keep straight in the game, you have to hit B ever so slightly quite often to slow down and steer the Nunchuck stick to prevent damage, which is silly because B is the brake, and of course, your brake comes to a quick halt. Cars: Mater-National's silly, banging controlling will fustrate even the most experienced of gamers.

Racing in Monster Mode after when you find the monster tyres for Luigi in Radiator Springs, is huge fun. Tall characters, and a lot of noise really give the experience it's full expectation.

Overall, Cars: Mater-National is a reasonable attempt from Disney and THQ to do a productive sequel to a fun movie-based game, but a lack of difference, offbeat controls, and repeativity makes it fall short.