"Hey, listen, listen! If anybody asks you, we was out smashin' mailboxes, OK? " - Cars

User Rating: 7.5 | Cars Mater-National Championship X360
Most of your favorite Cars characters are back in this new game titled “Mater-National Championship.” It pretty much picks up where the first one ended with Lightning McQueen staying in Radiator Springs to build his racing headquarters. Just like the original it features Story mode with mini-games and Arcade mode. Again, there is some bonus content to unlock. Game play is pretty straightforward with relatively easy controls for younger players. While the locations of the game will be familiar, you’ll find that exploration has been reduced due to a number of road barricades. New events and characters, along with a bit of humor, add to the already exciting Cars experience. I expect this to be one of those ‘been there done that’ games and yet a must have for any Cars fan. Enjoy!