Welcome to the world of cars,this time the name of the series is CARS:Mater national championship a new game from pi xar

User Rating: 10 | Cars Mater-National Championship PS2
The story on this time is McQueen want to create some competition.The name of the competition is same with his best friend mater,there are so many fun on this game,and of course a funny stories.Sometimes this game make you laugh.There are so many mode on this game,just like race,race,n chase,rheumatic rumble,tractor tipping and many more.You can find many new character,there are three city on this game,there is Radiator springs,Tail fin pass,and Ornament valley each city have a unique place.But i don't see Sally in all city,that make me confuse and if you crash a car in the street you have a different reaction also when you meet them in the street,but if you crash a wall your character can reacted so make you laugh,hmm... i think i forget something,maybe monster but there is no monster on this game,maybe monster truck,aha,now i remember this is the movie stars its Mike and Sully,Pi xar is showing character from different movies,these characters have a funny place on this game the mode is call Mike and Sully last laugh every time you hit the laugh point they gonna laugh.

And when you in the radiator springs do not to hurry because you must to find a part to make monster McQueen the parts is in the some desert,behind the law building ,and on the front of Luigi tires.After that you unlock i wanna be a monster too you have to find all 6 monster mater parts with Sarge metal detection,if the signal turn into red press R1 button to collect it then you have funny short movie,about movies this game has many short film you can buy a picture with your points in the menu you can activate cheats in cheats code then write buy tall then all bonus arts will be unlocked,you can also activate any cheats you can find it in here.Now the mode you can play race or mini game mode,but first you must to know about these modes the instruction gonna tell you what you have to do in the ornament valley airport race there is some secret way in the hangars,my tips is if you find a parts like a tires or spray so i hope you can be a master on this game.